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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Day 7 * 30 Day Book Challenge * A book that makes you laugh

Refining Felicity - Marion Chesney

Refining Felicity by M.C Beaton or Marion Chesney


  This whole series is one of the silliest pieces of fluff out there. Sometimes after reading something dark and gritty, I just need some fluffy silliness to clear my mind. I think of these books like  a mind sorbet.  I have read, or listened to the audio, on many of this authors books and they all have that effect on me. I love her Agatha Raisin and Hamish McBeth series as well as all the Victorian series she has. They are mostly very formulaic and very tame, but her sense of humor has a great appeal to me. 


  This particular book was about two older maiden spinsters of "quality" who are down on their luck. An old gentleman friend suggests the take in girls who are a bit wild and need help getting husbands or joining society.

  These sisters are complete opposites and everything coming out of their mouths had me laughing out loud. That doesn't seem so bad, unless you are in the middle of grocery shopping, or in bed next to your sleeping husband.