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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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It's in His Kiss - Julia Quinn You would think that by book #7, they would start to loose steam like so many other series do. Not so with Julia Quinn's Bridgerton's series. This one does not disappoint!
At first I could not see Gareth and Hyacinth together at all. But they grew on me, and they seem to be perfect together. It takes someone very special to put up with Hyacinth, at least that is the impression her family will give you.
Gareth is yummm yummmy.... He had a rotten awful childhood and is a very lonely man. He will break your heart. Lots of great chemistry between H/h, witty lol conversations between them, plenty of sparks. I am only sorry that there is only one more book for me to read in this series. I hate for it to end!