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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Jake - Leigh Greenwood Nice intro book to a 13 book series. I adore historical American westerns, so I am pretty sure I will continue with this series.

Jake came back from the civil war to find that most of his family ranch has been taken up by squatters who now legally own this land. To top it all off, he has to pay them for damages to their crops and property because of his cattle. He lost his father and brother to the war and his mother ran off when he was a child. He has women issues.

Isabelle is from a well to do southern family, who has lost all her family, spent 2 years in an orphanage,and was almost raped. She has men issues.

Isabelle is taking a group of orphans, that are all boys and on their last chance, to farmers in Texas. She winds up stopping with the wagon of boys on Jake's ranch. She comes to find out after coming across a boy half dead, that the farmers are very bad people and she and Jake work out a deal to save the boys and his ranch.

The story has a wonderful romance in it and the boys are all interesting characters. Some of them just broke my heart.