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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Slightly Tempted - Mary Balogh I wasn't able to connect with the main characters in this book as I was with the previous ones in the series. For one thing, unless I somehow missed it (which I doubt as I went over the first few chapters) MB never gave a solid description of the H Gervase. The only thing said was that he was tall, of good form, handsome and has silver eyes. Seriously, I need more than that for my visual. I NEED hair color and style.. really I do, at LEAST that.
And again, another fake engagement. While I love that theme, after the 3rd time in a series, it gets old. I probably should not be reading these back to back, but I just want to get to Wolf's story and I just can't skip books in a series, too afraid of missing something important.
There were so many, many similarities in each book that I keep having Déjà vu. Right down to what the H would say to the h while making love. (with the exception of Gervase as he said it in french) Also when they got to the real marriage proposal, they each got on bended knee and spouted very poetic lyrical words of love. Cute the first time, annoying after the 4th or 5th. And how convenient for them all to have these grotto's, summerhouses, woodcutters cottages.. etc nearby just when they want to ravage each other.
It seems each book starts out very unique in the story line/plot, then in the middle and end its the same old, same old, been there, done that.
Well I am very worried about Alleyne, he has disappeared from this book and is presumed dead. Of course we know he is not as the next book is his. I hope that one will be better and I am still so looking forward to getting to Wolf's. There was an interesting story line in this book that had to do with a woman that Wolf was about to become engaged to but the woman was supposedly ravaged by Gervase and caught at it by Wolf, her father and Gervase's father.