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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Ruthless Heart - Emma Lange I wish I could put my finger on just what I found so compelling in this book. It was borderline erotica, not a genre that I read. The H talked crudely, something else I just do not like at all. But it fit this character so well. He was crude, he was just plain bad almost unredeemingly so. But still, he pulled at my heart, he was well, adorable in a way. Lonely, he was very, very lonely.
Eliza and Grady were two complete opposites, yet they weren't in their needs.
Eliza was brought up in the LDS faith and she never knew any kind of love at all except for the love she had for her sister. She was constantly punished for being smart. She liked to invent things and when caught at it, her father would beat her. Her beautiful sister was given as the 3rd wife to a horrible abusive man. When her sister ran away along with the second wife to her "husband" the father and husband sent a gunslinger out to find and kill the sister. Eliza overheard most of the conversation and set out to follow and stop the gunslinger, Grady Wolfe.
Grady was a bad bad man, he was a killer for hire, a bounty hunter who would kill his bounty if that was what he was hired to do. He had a little uncertainty about the fact that he was supposed to kill this woman he was going after, but his mother was a whacko that killed his father so he had no faith in women.
When Eliza caught up with him, she led him to believe that she was headed to a family members home and would like to tag along with him. Most of this story took place on the trail, sleeping out at campfires. They got to know each other quite well and were falling for each other. Yet Grady didn't want to be saddled with her, knew the life he led had no place for a woman in it. But he was SO drawn to her that it seemed it just confused him.
Some of the parts I loved about this story, was how he kept trying to convince himself that he did not want her, but when he took her to town, he told everyone she was his wife. He bought her a dress and underthings and even bought her a wedding ring. He would growl and snap at any man who so much as looked at her. It seemed that he convinced himself that she was actually his wife. Meanwhile he kept trying to loose her, and when he did, he was consumed by how much he missed her.
This was a library book that I had to wait a month for, so now it seems I am going to have to buy this one as I am sure I will want to re-read it.