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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Another absolute winner in the Maiden Lane series.

Bad boy pirate,"Charming" Mickey O'Connor who we met in the first book, Wicked Intentions, when Silence came to him to release the cargo he had stolen from a ship so that her husband was not imprisoned. He agreed on the condition that she spend the night in his "palace" She would do anything to save her husband so she agreed. He sent her home the next day, untouched by him, but he sent her out with her hair mussed and her bodice loosened. Her husband was ashamed of her and did not believe her story that nothing happened.
This quote is from when she brought this incident up with Mickey in this story:
He let her get nearly out of the room before he spoke, " I may not have the right, Silence, me love," but he drawled so soft she nearly didn't catch the words."But I would've listened to ye. I would've believed ye." ~sigh~
Throughout the second book, Notorious Pleasures, we watch Silence fall in love with Mary Darling, the baby that was left on her doorstep. After receiving anonymous gifts left to her, and catching glimpses of Mickey watching her she realizes that Mary must be Mickey's child.
So Mickey steals Mary from the home, and Silence goes to his palace to retrieve her. Mickey explains that he must keep her with him so that she is safe from his enemies. She decides to stay with him also because he will not give Mary back, but he welcomes her to stay. She loves Mary too much to be without her.
Micky's most powerful enemy is the scary crazy horrid, Carlie Grady, better known as the Vicar of Whitechapel ( Who we also remember had dealings in the second book with Griffin Remmington, Lord Reading and the whole gin business) But this guy is super creepy and scary and he wants baby Mary and Silence as well to get his revenge on Mickey. Mickey and the Vicar have history, all bad and tragic. We learn of Mickey's horrid childhood and there are many surprises in this book. The ending finally unveils for us the identity of the Ghost of St. Giles ( who I had assumed it was from the first book)
Elizabeth Hoyt pulls no punches in this story. Mickey is a bad boy and we see this for ourselves. It's not sugar coated and he shows no remorse for the way he has lived his life, nor any real desire to change throughout the book. The first night Silence stays at Mickey's palace, he is in bed with 2 women. He does not believe in love, and thinks himself incapable of it, and you can believe that maybe he is right but you can also see that he is becoming obsessive about her. But it does seem that he thinks of her as just something else that he wishes to possess. The story has a lot of sweet moments, and I just loved the dog and Micky's two best goons. The steamy parts don't happen until much later in the book, but when they did happen.. whew....
Well, I must say that by the end of this book ( and DAMN, did it have to end?) Mickey is now up there in my top 10 favorite hero's.. maybe even my top 5.