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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Untie My Heart - Judith Ivory I am muddled if I should give this a 3 or 4, but after sleeping on it I might still change my mind.

I absolutely loved Stuart, Viscount Mount Villiers. Emma, not so much. But for the most part I liked them together. Emma however could get on your nerves with her vacillating ways.. I want him, I don't want him, he excites me, I am afraid of him (The being afraid of him part was ridiculous, he was sexy and adorable!) Then there were too many lines. Like this. Annoying.
I did like the plot itself, Emma ran the confidence games with her now deceased husband and friends when she was young and stupid. She tries to steal from Stuart using her old tricks because he ran down her stud sheep with his coach and 8, refuses to compensate her for it ( she doesn't know his finances are all messed up because of his uncle) and he catches her. He convinces (blackmails) her to help him scam his horrid Uncle in order to get back a statue stolen from him. When he first catches her in her hotel room, things heat up involving a chair and his cravat.. interesting. but again, Stuart was just so yummy.. Judith Ivory really knows how to write the hero's! I just wish there had been more to the ending, it was good and all that, but I felt like I was still waiting for the complete ending. I mean knowing what Emma was like, can we be sure to trust our own imagination as to what happened? Well there is only one way it could have gone I guess... because, well, did I mention that Stuart was Yummy??

On the roof, on the duvet under the steam vent, with the planets overhead, he let her scream all she wished. She screamed into the night. To the stars. At one point, with his lying atop her, he said, “Look over my left shoulder. Venus is visible tonight.” Then he pulled the covers away from her, wrestling her for the duvet, as he called, “Here she is, all you Venusians”—he lifted out his arm, using it to span the celestial horizon-—“and the rest of you planets out there: the most beautiful woman on Earth, spread-eagled for your pleasure!” He laughed. “At my disposal, mm-m-m!” He bent down, nibbling, kissing her neck with his teeth, his lips, his mouth.