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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Through the Smoke
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Let Me Be The One - Jo Goodman 3 1/2 stars. Its hard to rate this one. I liked the story very much, I have no fault with the writing, but it just seemed so slooooow... I found this also with If His Kiss Is Wicked
Also there are 4 books to this series. They are each based on one of the 4 friends that make up the compass club. This one was about the Earl of Northam. Book 2: Earl of Southerton
Book 3: Marquess of Eastlyn and Book 4: Duke of Westphal. A bit silly eh? But I assure you, there is no silly substance to this book. No fluff and ruffles here. Plenty of steam, drama a bit dark even. But too slow moving for my taste.