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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Sinful in Satin - Madeline Hunter A great addition to the series. Celia's mother, a courtesan has just died and Celia takes up residence in a house her mother has left to her. She is surprised to find Jonathan is a tenant there. They both have motives for searching through her mothers papers. Celia to try to find out who her father was, Jonathan is on a mission from the home office to find a list of the mothers clients to see if there was a traitor passing secrets.
Celia had lived with her mother for a year when she was 16 to be trained by her mother to be a courtesan. While Celia fell in love with the man picked to be her protector, she thought he meant to marry her. When she found out differently, she left, heartbroken, to live at rarest blooms. Now that she is back, this guy thinks he can pick it back up where he left off with her. The thing is, she and Jonathan have some serious chemistry going on.
Jonathan is the supposed illegitimate son of an earl, but his cousin will not acknowledge him. When he was 9 he heard his mother fight with this cousin stating that she had married Jonathan's father while he was on his deathbed.
It was heartbreaking the way they were each treated by society, her being a courtesans daughter (it was just expected that she would take the same route) and he being a bastard.
The part that annoyed me in this story, was Celia kept hearing her mothers courtesan advice in her mind telling her how to act and what to do. She also kept flip flopping that maybe she would take up her mothers proffesion... it was quite annoying.
While I liked Celia and Jonathan's story, honestly, I only read it to get more of Castleford. He absolutely is the highlight in each book.
I am JUMPING to the next book, Dangerous in Diamonds to finally read Castlefords story!!