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While I am an avid reader, I primarily stick to romances. I would say that my favorites are historical romances, but I love romance novels in every category.

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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I am not really sure how to rate this as I am completely conflicted. I loved it, I hated it... hmmm.
First, its written in first person, but that's good for me, I usually like first person and there is no way I would want to read what was going on in Cristian's head! He is breaking my heart, but at the same time, I don't understand the BDSM stuff. well, especially when he says he wants to hurt her.
As far as Ana, I though it was weird that she couldn't early on put together the clues about the scars on him. She has this crazy high GPA, but I think anyone who read this story figured out what they were even before his mom referred to the whole chicken pox thing. It was a pretty deep emotional story and I am going to have to jump right into the next book to see where this story takes us. Well you really have to, there was no ending to this book, it just stops.